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Pxxple is a leading global recruitment facilitation platform that is connecting companies, startups, and recruitment agencies with their perfect employees. We assist businesses to find the perfect employee for any position and help job seekers shine out from rest of the candidates and achieve their dream position.

Help Others Find Their Dream Job Through Pxxple,Β And We Will Pay You €100 When They Are Hired!
Help Businesses Find Their Ideal Employees; You Get 10% Commission On Their Entire Recruitment Budget Spent.


So How Does Pxxple Work?


Completely FREE to use (forever) 😍

Simple to register (with social media and download a cv) πŸ˜€

No redundant process for their job application 😎

Candidate can Schedule πŸ—“οΈ when they are available to be contacted (candidates hate to be disturb at work)

We have more recruiter as the access of the database is free, give to the candidate more option more choice πŸ‘

Free access to candidates database (no upfront cost πŸ’Έ without result )

Pay only a fixed price when they have a successful hired πŸ€— (cheaper and ability to forecast πŸ“Š their hiring budget)

All candidates profile are up to date with relevant information for hiring decision πŸš€ (resume, schedule, background, salary expectation, willing to commute) making the hiring process faster and less redundant leaving more time to create contact with the candidate

Post unlimited job for free

Untapped source of candidate πŸ”₯

Simple to use and nothing to integrate

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So, How Do You Get Guarantee Your Success With Our Affiliate Program?


Your friends and your inner circle πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ is a great place to start, we all have someone looking for a better pay, a better work balance, or a better company, you can help this person and get paid.

Use facebook jobs group is the best way to bring targeted people who are actively seeking employment

Having a blog or a youtube channel, related to an industry, a skill set, tools or technology in a domain is a good way to get the job seeker in his element (a pearl for recruiters)

Classifieds ads websites are very interesting πŸ“°, a lot of people continue to search position on them

If you prefer offline marketing flyers distribution is very effective and give great results πŸ“ˆ (university to find a young and creative workforce, hostels for very skilled workers just arrived in the country, job fair for ready to work candidates)

The best way to find a lot of business is to use local Business directories and yellow pages πŸ“™ with more than 50% of companies who plan to increase employment it’s a good way to start

Company career page πŸ† is the gold mine to find out directly if the company is hiring and get the contact information of recruiters

Job boards are full of companies having direct hiring needs then a good source of employers leads πŸ€‘

Recruitment agencies are always looking for various talents, you can find them on the yellow pages or with search engines πŸ”Ž, they often work for several customers and have many offers to fill

The Linkedin and Twitter pages are very interesting to get in touch with companies and the key employees, (Twitter works very well for startups)

The spam that you receive from recruiters are diamonds in the rough πŸ’Ž, find them and send a follow-up email, you can help a recruiter to fill multiple positions with pxxple and get a big bonus

πŸ“ Local employers, restaurants, stores are also good targets if you prefer direct marketing, they will be regular and long-term customers

The pxxple affiliate program offers multi-level marketing revenue, you can then earn 10% of your sub-affiliates income. πŸ’°

- Facebook groups working from home and affiliate marketing are a great way to recruit sub-affiliates who want to generate income online with a legitimate and sustainable system.

- Search job blogs or youtube content channels are very good targets 🎯 to become your affiliates because they generate a lot of traffic and revenue

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A little description of Tapfiliate, the platform we made available to help you,
manage and track your affiliate activities

Your homepage
Several options and filters to display your performance data.
Contents added by the our Marketing Team, ready to be shared
To see your Multi-level Marketing downline.
List all the conversions you drove
Websites to identify where the clicks or conversions come from
To follow up the payouts of your commissions.

Power by Tapfiliate!

Why affiliate with Pxxple?

The recruitment market is a humungous 450 BillionΒ Dollar global industry. That is more than the entire Digital Marketing. Can you feel the potential it has for you!
We have the most powerful and high paying recruitment affiliate program on the internet.
We have helped hundreds of candidates be recruited, have paid $100,000+ in commissions to our affiliate partners.
Our job search affiliate program gives you the tools and resources to grow your income massively.
Unlike most affiliate programs, you are not selling anything; in fact, you are helping others land on the job they desperately desire with nothing out of their pockets.

Let us know if you have any question
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